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Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Attitude Number
This is the number that relates to the first impression that others get when they meet us. And if this number is a challenge to the life path number, it can mean that people may think they have an idea of who you are but may not really grasp the true essence of what they are getting.  

Attitude number 1
Completely self-motivated, this individual is not comfortable asking for help. They tend to need praise from others when they feel they are not good enough.This is not due to a lack of self-esteem, it`s because they set such high standards. They do best when they are believed in and can be rebellious if they are not seen in this way. 

Attitude number 2
Easygoing and observant is the first impression of this number placement. Love is important to them. They are compassionate and  like to hear other peoples stories. They are interested in metaphysics and are in touch with their intuition.

Attitude number 3
These people are charismatic have a good sense of humour and stay young at heart throughout their lives. When in a good mood they will be very engaging in conversation and show a great smile and bright eyes. They will have an effect on others based on their mood, good or bad and as such, others will be happy when they are and not so much when they are not.   

Attitude number 4
These individuals are the list keepers, they may appear quiet at times because they are processing all that is happening around them. They become masters at their skill and are capable and competent teachers. They are natural at playing the devils advocate and are masters at detecting dishonesty, which they will confront.  

Attitude number 5
This number placement is fun and playful and they need to explore the world. A situation that gets monotonous can propel the 5 into martyrdom. It is best for the 5 to just get out and explore the world and have fun and adventure.

Attitude number 6
This attitude number is the nurturer. They take charge and do not like being told what or how to do things. They are natural at taking care of others and are especially great with children. They are also good at running a business. Others tend to be drawn to the magnetic 6 when they enter a room.

Attitude number 7
People will not know what the 7 is thinking because they tend to keep to themselves and are introspective. They have a need to study the meaning of their existence and they let others know who they are slowly over time. They are consumate observers and take in everything around them.

Attitude number 8
These people will not have a problem telling others what they think and sometimes they can be a bit blunt with their delivery. It will serve them well to cultivate a sense of humour and to keep an eye to the positive side of life. They can either be very good with money or not at all. Letting go of mistakes and and negative memories is important for this number placement. Seeing each day as a chance for a new beginning will also help to bring in happiness.

Attitude number 9
This individual is a leader and will be seen as the person in charge whether they are or not. They will do what is needed to get the job done. They must heal any wounds from the past in order to be happy. They must also establish healthy boundaries in order to be able to help others without getting emotionally drained.

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